Lower Corporate Health Care Costs, Raise Your Bottom Line

How Alternative Medicine Raises Corporate Efficiency

healthcareBecause corporate health care costs are so high we can no longer wait until employees are sick or injured to intervene. Preventative steps must be taken to maintain health and thus a productive work force. Even after an employee becomes disabled or ill we must expand our medical horizons to include new and less expensive options.

This class will reveal a new concept in modern corporate health care. Alternative medicine, a system incorporating therapeutic technologies from around the world, will be presented. We will discuss short-term remedies as well as long-term strategies. Utilizing this concept, we will examine insurance policies and in house programs. The ultimate goals are to improve health while simultaneously lowering medical costs.

In this class you will:

  • Learn cost free ways to prevent employee injury and illness that can be implemented immediately.
  • Develop strategies for lowering corporate health care costs utilizing Alternative medicine.
  • Improve vitality, morale and productivity, through employee health education and participation.


Hire Felice Dunas to teach you how alternative medicine can raise your corporation’s efficiency.