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How Women Work” $77.95 $47.95

Dr. Dunas’ Discounted Gift To You

A special discount has been added to Dr. Dunas’ new educational program, How Women Work: An Introduction To The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of female sexuality.
Dr Dunas originally presented this material live.  The program includes the  video recording of Dr. Dunas’ lecture with additional visual images, tips and suggestions for understanding your sexual self or your beloved’s.   There is also an audio file for IPOD listening, a complete transcript and a workbook to help you expand your knowledge base about female sexuality.

Men will:

  • Understand the ” sexual machinery” that controls her pleasure
  • Seduce a woman effectively and consistently
  • Help a woman experience her essential sexuality
  • Optimize her pleasure with new erotic skills

Women will:

  • Understand more about your own sexual nature
  • Know what to tell him when he asks  ”what do you like?”
  • Learn to experience your greatest sexual potential
  • Gain a richer understanding of what femininity is and how to live your life so that your womanhood is fully and beautifully expressed
  • Participate in your own seduction process

Included in How Women Work:

  • Video recording of Dr. Dunas’ lecture
  • Visual images, tips and suggestions for understanding your sexual self or your beloved’s
  • Audio download


Led by Felice Dunas, Ph.D.

International lecturer, author and coach, Felice Dunas Ph.D.  has worked in over 60 countries around the world enhancing the lives of individuals, couples and corporate executives. Felice brings her patients, clients and audiences better health, happiness and quality of life.  See www.happyloving.com for more information.

How Women Work” $77.95 $47.95

Yours Free! Excerpt from Passion Play

By filling out the form to the right of the page, you will receive a free excerpt from my best selling book, Passion Play: Ancient Secrets For A Lifetime Of Health And Happiness Through Sensational Sex.

I have included the preface, which introduces you to the history of the sexual healing arts of Chinese medicine, my journey as a teacher of these arts and a founder of the acupuncture profession in the United States. The first chapter of the book introduces you to  ancient understandings of human energy and how love, sex and relationship energy patterns develop.  The 8th chapter elaborates upon how, as a currently single person, you can enhance your experience of your sexuality and prepare yourself for the best erotic relationship of your life.
In essence, Passion Play provides you with:
  • Insight into the basic differences between men and women
  • Practical ways to use sexuality to improve the emotional dynamics of your relationship
  • Techniques and exercises that enhance sexual fulfillment, deepen intimacy and turn pleasure into ecstasy
  • Ways to use lovemaking to improve health and ensure a vigorous sex life well into old age
  • Lifestyle practices that promote healthier sex and relationships