Emotional Health

Emotional Health

My Unique Perspective on Emotions

I view how people interact through a different lens than psychology. The medical system that I work with is thousands of years old and has been studying how people feel and interrelate since its inception. Modern psychology has brought great intelligence and wisdom to the understanding of human behavior. Like any field, however, it has limitations. Exploring other options can be helpful.

My profession believes that health of the mind, emotions, sexuality, body, relationship to God and behavior all stem from one central place: the condition, quality and quantity of one’s energy. When your energy is strong, you feel a full range of emotions including joy, contentment and peacefulness, and are able to contribute to your relationships and society. When your energy is weak and your emotional resilience is worn down, it is harder to feel positive feelings and easier to feel negative ones. Usually your energy is weakened in precise ways or particular locations in your body, which affects specific emotions and behavior.

Depression is prevalent in our world today. Many people suffer from dark emotions that stick to their souls. No matter how hard they try, they just can’t feel “up” again. There is no laughter. You may be surprised as to how I view depression. I use a metaphor from nature to explain it.

A Metaphor from Nature to Explain Depression

Have you ever noticed that when there isn’t enough water flowing in a creek, the water that is there becomes stagnant? Plants and bugs and gunk show up and the smell becomes putrid. As more water flows through the creek with the change of season, the bad smell goes away as do the bugs and gunk. Your energy can work in the same way. When there isn’t enough energy flowing through you, what is there can become stagnant, just like water in the creek. This stagnation of energy can result in feeling “stuck” because of emotions and muscles that don’t move. You may become lethargic, lazy and resistant to exercise. Sometimes depressed people just want to sleep. Like the water in the creek, there is a “rotting” or bad feeling in you. When people don’t have enough energy flowing inside, they lose interest in moving forward  through life.

There are many other causes for depression from the energy perspective,  including people working themselves so hard and demanding more of their bodies than is realistic. When the body becomes exhausted, people often drink coffee instead of resting  so they don’t notice how tired they are. Or they drink an “energy” drink. Or they push through being tired and continue what they are doing. The result is an underlying fatigue. While I am not diagnosing or treating anyone’s depression by sharing this with you, I do have a few suggestions that you might find helpful.

Some Suggestions for Temporary Relief of Depression Symptoms

First, find out if you are fatigued. Do this by lying down and closing your eyes. Take five to ten minutes to lie quietly and notice if you begin to feel tired or restless. Either way, your body has some fatigue inside that may be affecting your health in any of the areas I teach about, including emotionally, which can result in feeling depressed. Once you know there is fatigue inside, take three to five days to get extra rest. Close your eyes for 10 minutes during your lunch break at work or between activities. Go to bed earlier or sleep in. Put a higher value on getting rest and see if you feel lighter emotionally as a result. Don’t judge the results until you have given this several days. Afterward, remember that  you should  start getting less rest again you may find yourself feeling less happy.

Another way to go is to intentionally move your body more. If you are feeling “stuck” in dark feelings and the last thing you feel like doing is moving your body, try going for a long walk, going to the gym or getting an extended period of your favorite type of moderate exercise. The important piece is that you get your heart rate up for an extended period of time. It could take a half an hour or it could take two hours, depending upon many factors. Extreme exercise is not necessary and strolling along at a snail’s pace won’t work. Helping the energy inside your body move with your blood and metabolism changes can relieve your experience of “stagnant” emotions.

It will take more than either of these suggestions to address a clinical depression. But if you are hurting from depressive symptoms, you may find some temporary relief with these two options. As you learn about my work, you will find more supportive ideas for addressing difficult emotions.

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