Physical Health

Physical Health

Your body loves to be healthy. It works very hard every day to defend itself from germs, toxic substances and stress. Did you know that you can actively increase the chances for continual health in your home? It’s easier to stay well than it is to get well and by learning to read the warning signs that come before illness, you can keep yourself and your family “in the pink” by taking preventive action.

Though most people are not ill, their bodies do not function with peak efficiency. I call them the “walking wounded.” They can get through a day well enough but are not functioning with a “full tank of gas.” Because they aren’t optimally healthy, they are more susceptible to illness, fatigue, strained relationships, and negative mental, emotional and spiritual states.

We take it for granted that our kids will get runny noses, that once they grow to be teenagers they will become “difficult,” and that in the course of most work days we will feel stressed. When we live with these beliefs we create a lifestyle that allows them to happen. But you can increase the possibility of your family and yourself being sick less often and for shorter durations. You can make minor changes in diet, exercise and rest that can create major changes in how you and your family feel and behave as well as how productive you can be. As you read my blog, books and articles, listen to my audio resources, and watch my video products, you will learn more about how to do this.

Stop the diet merry-go-round. Redefine a “healthy” lifestyle. Your children will be calmer and more cooperative, your teens will handle hormones with grace instead of rebellion, and you will feel your vitality, not your age!

What To Do To Keep Yourself And Your Family Healthy

  1. Notice how the bodies in your family communicate the onset of illness.
  2. Address the problem before you have no option. Curtail activity, drink more fluid, go to bed early, do whatever you would do after you get sick only beforehand. Perhaps the illness can be pushed away before it gets you.
  3. Give your body the rest you would usually give it only after becoming sick.
  4. If over-the-counter medications are necessary to get you through the day, use them, but remember that you aren’t as well as you feel and address the problem as soon as you can.  Don’t think you are healthy just because your symptoms go away when you take symptom relieving medication.
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