Sexual Health

Sexual Health

“My impression is that sexual abstinence does not promote the development of energetic, independent men of action, original thinkers or bold innovators and reformers; far more frequently it develops well-behaved weaklings who are subsequently lost in the great multitude.”

— Sigmund Freud

Everything in life is easier if you are having great sex on a regular basis. Mountains turn into molehills and stresses become less irritating. You feel healthier, happier and more appreciative of the goodness life brings you. If you are not making love right now, your sexuality is still powerful enough to help you create a magnificent and rich life.

About the Sexual Skills I Teach

The sexual skills that I teach are thousands of years old and have been in constant use since their inception. They were created by history’s first sex researchers and are rooted in Traditional Oriental Medicine. They have proven their value in the bedrooms of royalty and nobility throughout Asia. The philosophy behind these skills includes that proper sexual practice can actually strengthen the body in very specific ways. The strength gained can lead to greater health, a longer life and emotional peace and happiness. My professional ancestors taught that by making love with these techniques one can actually improve a pained marriage and heal pre-existing illness. The reason these pleasure-rich skills are still used throughout the world after so many centuries is that they address the deepest truths of human nature, no matter the cultural background of the student. In short, they work!

Keeping Your Body Healthy Means Keeping Your Sexual Organs Healthy

As with any part of the human body, the more you properly use your sexual organs the healthier they will be. Medical studies have shown that if a man begins to lose his erectile ability, he should become more sexually active to increase the level of oxygen in the penile tissue and thus increase his ability to maintain healthy erections. Men who do not have sex have an increased rate of prostate problems. Women who have used their breasts for nursing have a lower chance of breast cancer and women going through menopause or having menstrual problems have fewer disturbing symptoms if they have active sex lives. By using your sex organs more often, and for their intended purposes, you are more likely to keep them, and the rest of your body, healthy. In fact, one of the primary motivations behind my teachings is to show you how sex can improve your health and intimate relationship.

Because men and women are so different sexually, the golden rule doesn’t apply. You can’t do unto your beloved as you would have your beloved do unto you. That is a very confusing idea for most people. If you don’t give your partner the kind of experience you would like to have, what do you do?

Some Advice to Improve Your Sexual Health

As a general rule (which means there are a lot of exceptions to this), women need to be touched and inspired in non-sexual ways in order to feel sexual. This means she needs conversation, “quality time” spent together doing things you both enjoy, and cuddling and caresses that aren’t sexual in order to reveal her sexual yearning. A woman may not even realize she wants to make love until she is “opened” to it in non-sexual ways. Many women feel concern that they have lost their sex drive when it is actually hidden, needing only to be brought out through the use of non-sexual seduction methods. By seducing her with the pleasure of your company and affection, you help her discover the smoldering affection that lies underneath. And here is a very important tip: Women love to be seduced with words. The more kind words you can say to her, the more you are willing to talk, the sexier she will feel.

A man, on the other hand, is generally interested in being touched right there, right now (again, there are exceptions). He needs you to touch him that way so he can feel more of his emotional and personal strength. Just as women use emotional, mental and relationship intimacy to get to sex, men use sexual intimacy to feel emotionally and mentally closer to themselves and their beloveds. I often say that men don’t use women to have sex; they use sex to help them access their love for women.

It is important to make note of and respect these differences. A man’s interest in sex isn’t coarse or crass. It is how he strengthens his vision and spirit. It gives him access to the passion that he will use to achieve his dreams. It also allows him to get closer to his beloved emotionally. A woman’s need for seduction in non-sexual ways isn’t avoidance or the result of a broken sex drive. It is her body’s way of insuring that her sexual partner is emotionally and mentally close to her. She protects relationship intimacy by using it as the key to her lust.

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