Men and their Orgasms

If I had a penny for every time a typical male thought about having orgasms, I could have retired years ago.  Any guy will tell you that few acts are worthy of as much attention.  These intense moments are given prime mental air time, but most men have no idea of their full orgasmic potential. [Read more]

Orgasms 101

So you want to bring something new and exciting into your life but are not sure if it should be a personal investment class, a comfy sofa, a kitchen remodel or orgasms?  This, my friends, is no dilemma.  [Read more]

Sex As an Antiaging Technique

The idea that sex is an antiaging tool is based upon the premise that you
can make love with skills that actually generate more life force. [Read more]

The healing power of a passionate kiss

The next time you see your honey-pie after a day’s work or extended absence, make the first act between you a great big, fat, sloppy, juicy, noisy, mushy, gushy, ten-second kiss. [Read more]

Sexuality- From the Chinese medical Perspective

Chinese medicine is the first medical system in the history of humanity to have a real medical focus on sexuality. [Read more]

Using Career Skills for a Happy Home Life! Part Two

To raise your level of personal and marital bliss, consider using the same methods at home that you do to achieve success at the office.
[Read more]

Using career skills for a happy home life~

Are you proficient in accomplishing your work related tasks? Most of us must be highly skilled in the work arena to be successful. In fact, continuing to hold a job or run a business is dependent entirely on continually proving your value to your employer or the marketplace. This requires monitoring and updating your skill sets and goals on a regular basis as well as adapting to changes in your environment. [Read more]

Eating Your Way to Sexual Health

Want to eat your way to sexual health? Traditional Oriental medicine has
some general suggestions. [Read more]

The Perfect Date For Sex and Healing

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and . . . zzzz. I don’t know who
invented the romantic ideal of wining and dining followed by passionate
lovemaking, but whoever it was did not understand the human body and
probably had mediocre sex. To feel desire and make love well, your body
needs certain conditions. Keep the following in mind: [Read more]

A Reminder~ The Power of Great Sex

Many couples notice that it takes a vacation away from daily stresses to

relax the body, free the mind, and rediscover sexual desire. That’s

because erotic love naturally blends together with physical and mental

healing. [Read more]

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