Men and their Orgasms

If I had a penny for every time a typical male thought about having orgasms, I could have retired years ago.  Any guy will tell you that few acts are worthy of as much attention.  These intense moments are given prime mental air time, but most men have no idea of their full orgasmic potential. Climax is not to be under-rated but the whole thing passes by in about 7 seconds.  Surely the divine forces that conceived erotic bliss had something better in mind when inventing the male sexual experience.

 Gentlemen, what if you could have more and longer orgasms  each time?  Doesn’t that sound sweeter than Christmas cookies? 

Generally orgasm and ejaculation are considered to be the same experience.   But as my professional ancestors, the physicians of ancient China, noted, these are two very different events produced by the male body.  They may happen together or, with training a man may separate them.  Two plus millenium later, the new Kinsey Institute Report on Human Sexuality finally revealed to the world that this was indeed the case.  Ejaculation need not occur for a man to experience the deep joy or sexual climax.

Multiple orgasms burst forth when a man cultivates his staying power, learning to surf on the crest of pleasure.  Rather than climbing strait to the top of his pleasure scale, jumping off into post ejaculatory bliss, a man must learn to control his ejaculation.  Once that precious seed leaves his body, well, he is just asleep.


2 Responses to “Men and their Orgasms”
  1. Drica Lima says:

    Funny I never knew that a man could potentially have multiple orgasms. I thought this was only a ‘woman’ thing. Interesting read.

  2. Growlingwolf says:

    The article was short and concise, and has captured my attention. Please give us more. How can we (males) cultivate our staying power, so we can learn how to surf on the crest of pleasure.

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