Seminars & Workshops

felice_redDr. Felice Dunas is a professional speaker, consultant and executive coach who has used her understanding of  behavior, the human body, and Universal Principles to enhance the lives of individuals, couples, families, and corporate and health care industry CEOs. Felice has lectured in over 60 countries around the world.

Felice Dunas teaches skills that require minimal implementation and reap maximum results, with emphasis placed on “take home” strategies and protocols. She presents her clients and audiences with principles that will enhance the effectiveness and productivity of their lives immediately and well into the future. Her classes are designed to inspire, educate and provide insight on subjects that are vital to rich and healthy living.

Learn more about the seminars, workshops and lectures listed below:

Great Sex for a Lifetime Ancient Sexual Secrets For Modern Marriages
This class will teach why a good sex life is so important to your physical and marital health. It will introduce techniques that maximize the benefits granted from proper use of your sexuality. Eliminate stress, improve your health and enliven your marriage by making love!
Experiential Acupuncture Workshop Live Pleasantly Pain Free
Come experience first hand how this ancient system of medicine can help you and your family lead healthier lives. You do not need an acupuncturist in your hometown to benefit by these simple yet phenomenally effective practices. Bring backaches, tennis elbows, indigestion, headaches, arthritis, exhaustion, fertility problems, constipation, jet lag, PMS, hangovers and the rest of your body with you. All bodies, no matter their culture or continent of origin, will enjoy this.
Alternative Medicine: It Can Change Your Life An Introduction to Alternative Medicine
In addition to the lecture portion of the presentation, acupuncture treatments will be given. Come experience first hand or watch other attendees as they participate in this relaxing and pleasurable procedure. Bring your backaches, tennis elbows, indigestion, headaches, arthritis, fatigue, P.M.S., fertility issues, constipation, jet lag, hangovers and the rest of your body with you.
Be the Healthiest Family on Your Block A Proactive Approach To Staying Well
Stop the diet merry-go-round. Don’t be fooled by “health foods.” Redefine a “healthy” lifestyle. Your children will be calmer and more cooperative, your teens will handle hormones with grace instead of rebellion, and you will feel your vitality, not your age!
Seduction: The Art Form Fan the Flames of Desire in the One You Love
Seduction is a crucial aspect of lasting, erotic love. The passion, emotion, sexuality, and sacredness of love are enhanced when lovers are well versed in the art of seduction. Using the wisdom of ancient sexologists, we will explore this often neglected aspect of marital intimacy. From initial flirtations to hot foreplay, you can successfully fan the flames of desire in the one you love.
Great Romance for a Lifetime Success Skills to Help You Love One Another Forever
In this presentation you will learn the essential skills for the development and maintenance of romantic love. Not only will you leave this class with romance-cultivating skills that you can easily implement for immediate positive results, but you will also have established a deeper understanding of the physical and mental benefits of a successful romantic life.
Business Skills for a Successful Family Life Strategies to Multiply Your Successes
Business people fail as dramatically as they succeed. In this controversial class, learn how to multiply your successes in one hour – guaranteed! You will learn how to apply your high-level business skills to other areas of life and will be introduced to practical intimacy and family development skills in a language you already understand: Business.
Women: Health and Intimacy Workshops Maximize Interpersonal Intimacy With Your Spouse, Friends and Family
In this workshop series for women, Dr. Felice Dunas reveals the critical link between your health and your capacity to cultivate and experience intimacy. As you implement the content of these workshops you will note immediate benefits in your marriage, personal and professional lives. With mastery of the powerful tools Felice presents, your future can surpass even your highest expectations.
Am I Healthy If Don’t Feel Sick? Your Body’s Secrets Revealed
In this revealing class, Dr. Dunas teaches you how your body reveals your state of health and how to predict illness before it manifests. Also in this fun, interactive presentation, Dr. Dunas will teach you how to “read” the faces, tongues and eyes of others to reveal health and personality traits. “People watching” will never be the same again!