Alternative Medicine: It Can Change Your Life

An Introduction to Alternative Medicine

Is your parent or child facing a difficult surgery with no guarantee of success? Are you concerned that your spouse’s medication has debilitating side effects? Do you wish to lessen the pain of radiation and chemotherapy or perhaps just rid yourself of a cold a few days earlier? Then this class will supply you with valuable information.

To increase the effectiveness of your medical care, or to decrease the discomfort of currently used procedures, you may need to consider other forms of medicine. We will discuss healing modalities that have effectively cured patients around the world for hundreds or thousands of years. You will learn when these systems are most useful on their own and how they complement traditional medical procedures.

In addition to the lecture portion of the presentation, acupuncture treatments will be given. Come experience first hand or watch other attendees as they participate in this relaxing and pleasurable experience. Bring your backaches, tennis elbows, indigestion, headaches, arthritis, fatigue, P.M.S., fertility issues, constipation, jet lag, hangovers and the rest of your body with you.

In this presentation you will:

  • Gain practical information about the most widely used forms of alternative medicine.
  • Recognize how to use these modalities in conjunction with the medical protocol your doctor
    has suggested.
  • Distinguish which disorders are best treated using only Traditional or only Alternative medicine.
Hire Felice Dunas to introduce you to alternative medicine.