Am I Healthy If I Don’t Feel Sick?

Your Body’s Secrets Revealed

We all know of someone who has lived a healthy life – wholesome diet, close family, vigorous exercise – but was shocked when their physician discovered a life-threatening sickness. Most grave illnesses take years to develop but are not revealed until they show up through symptoms or medical testing. Through the use of these techniques it is possible to find and address the underlying causes of many diseases years before they erupt.

There is an old, Chinese proverb that states “It is as foolish to go see a doctor once you are sick as it is to dig a well once you become thirsty”. Dr Dunas will teach you how your body reveals your state of health and how to predict illness before it manifests, giving you time to adjust your lifestyle so as to avert problems later in life.

Did you know that you can see someone’s health and personality on their face? In this fun, interactive presentation, Dr. Dunas will “read” the faces, tongues and eyes of your group members to reveal health and personality traits. Oriental medicine has been “reading” these body parts as important components of a thorough medical exam for centuries. Doctors in her field use these techniques to determine the potential for illness years in advance. “People watching” will never be the same again!

Appropriate discretion and professionalism are maintained in this informal presentation.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How your body shows its weak spots before illness manifests
  • How to “read” your spouse’s tongue before your next juicy kiss
  • How to know another person’s character before he says one word to you
Hire Dr. Dunas to teach you how to better understand your health and better predict the onset of illness.