Great Sex for a Lifetime

Ancient Sexual Secrets for Modern Love Affairs


After thousands of years of research by Chinese scholars and physicians, the expression of sexuality has been raised from a pastime, to a science, to an art.

Correctly practiced, sex will invigorate your body and help you retain vitality and stamina well into old age. It can protect you from illness and actually heal your body from many diseases. Sex can also grant you more pleasure than you have ever imagined, even if you feel your sexual experiences have been very satisfying.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, much of the disharmony we experience in our lives may come from the improper use of our sexuality. Specific physical and mental illness, marital strife, and social violence are all, in part, attributed to unhealthy sexual practices.

This class will teach why a good sex life is so important to your physical and marital health. It will introduce techniques that maximize the benefits granted from proper use of your sexuality. Eliminate stress, improve your health and enliven your marriage by making love!

Learn techniques that will teach you how to:

  • Increase the duration and frequency of your lovemaking.
  • Extend sexual interest and ability well into the golden years of your marriage.
  • Stay healthy and avoid fatigue and illness, with fun “sexercises” and games.
  • Enhance intimacy with your spouse by bringing thousands of years of medical research into your bedroom starting tonight.
Hire Felice Dunas to teach you techniques to improve your sex life and your physical and marital health.