Be the Healthiest Family on Your Block

A Proactive Approach to Staying Well

Seminars & Workshops

It truly is possible to actively increase the chances for continual health in your home. It’s easier to stay well than to get well, and by learning to read the warning signs that presuppose illness, you can keep yourself and your family “in the pink.”

Though most people are not ill, their bodies do not function with peak efficiency. This makes them more susceptible to illness. We will discuss minor changes in diet, exercise and rest that create major changes in how you feel and how productive you can be.

Stop the diet merry-go-round. Don’t be fooled by “health foods.” Redefine a “healthy” lifestyle. Your children will be calmer and more cooperative, your teens will handle hormones with grace instead of rebellion, and you will feel your vitality, not your age!

This workshop will inspire you to:

  • Cut the number of sick days in your household by half.
  • Explore the dark side of health foods, dieting and weight maintenance.
  • Learn to read early warning signs that come before illness.
Hire Felice Dunas to help you increase the chances for continual health in your home.