Seduction: The Art Form

Seduction is a crucial aspect of lasting, erotic love. The passion, emotional, sexual, and sacred parts of love are enhanced when lovers are well versed in the art of seduction. Using the wisdom of ancient sexologists, we will explore this often neglected aspect of marital intimacy. From initial flirtations to hot foreplay, you can successfully fan the flames of desire in the one you love.

Included in this presentation is an experiential massage workshop. As a couple you will delight each other with four easy massage strokes. You can incorporate them into your lovemaking or use them to relieve tension and pain.

The massage section will be fun and relaxing. Comfortable dress from slacks  to sweats is a good idea. Ladies may wish to wear a bathing suit top underneath a blouse to make back massages comfortable.

Explicit but tasteful sexual material shall be presented.

Size limit: 15 couples

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The different seduction needs of men and women as well as practical, time tested skills to address those needs in and out of your bedroom.
  • How seduction can help create lasting emotional and spiritual closeness between you.
  • Foreplay activities to inspire excitement and intimacy, including sensual and sexual massage.
Hire Felice Dunas to help you hone your seduction skills.