Sexuality- From the Chinese medical Perspective

Chinese medicine is the first medical system in the history of humanity to have a real medical focus on sexuality. Chinese researchers have studied how the body has responded to sex for the past thousands of years. We have documentation of things that were written in the BCs.
• Sex as a healing modality. Not just pleasurable but medical.
• Build stamina if you know how to make love right.
• You can actually lower biological age and become stronger in your overall stamina if you make love right.

Have you been making love to its fullest potential?


2 Responses to “Sexuality- From the Chinese medical Perspective”
  1. Amy Havlin says:

    From a Chinese historical perspective, is it unsafe to make love during the menstrual cycle? Thank you.

  2. Felice Dunas says:

    Hello Amy,

    Yes it is. Energy is leaving the body during menses. pushing energy inward with
    the penis contradicts what the body is attempting to do during its natural cycles.


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