Strengthening Energy For Health and Intimacy

Strengthening Energy For Health and Intimacy


“I teach about the qualities and strengths of human energy as expressed both inside our bodies and in our interactions with others.”

I regard all aspects of human health and behavior as being interconnected expressions of our essential energy or life force.

I call it my “Four-Legged Table Approach” with each leg representing a person’s body, mind, emotions or spirit. If I were to move any single leg of the table, all four would move because they are connected. Likewise, if I increase the vitality in any one aspect of someone’s life, I indirectly improve it in all four. This “interconnectedness of self” concept is thousands of years old and borne of Eastern medicine, the longest-running and most utilized medical system in human history.

By pairing this ancient wisdom with contemporary research and treatments, I am able to powerfully support a healthy energy balance for my audiences, clients and patients.



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