Speaking Engagements

I have lectured in over 60 countries around the world, at events ranging from intimate executive retreats to keynotes at international corporate, medical, and personal development conferences. I offer customized presentations and workshops on a variety of health and intimacy related topics, all utilizing ancient theories and scientific research to provide your audience with unique insights and solutions

Past Clients Include: 

  • American Back Association
  • Young Presidents Organization
  • Multiple Women’s Conferences
  • Entrepreneurs Organization
  • Kaiser Hospitals
  • University of Southern California
  • UCLA
  • National Speakers Association
  • Physicians for Social Responsibility
  • World Presidents Organization
  • Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Chopra Center for Well-Being
  • American Association of Oriental Medicine
  • Pacific Symposium
  • Multiple state, national and international acupuncture associations, conferences and colleges

“You rated the “BEST OF THE BEST” and were, by far, the most popular speaker at our winter conference.” 

— Harris Morrissette, President
Marshall Biscuits 

“I highly recommend Felice Dunas as a presenter. When I served as Education Chairman for the New York Young Presidents’ Association University, a weeklong CEO educational event, she was the first resource on my list. She exudes personal warmth from the platform and leaves the audience with great take home value. She is the only resource I know who can approach the most sensitive and controversial of subjects with elegance, sophistication and candor. She is a “10!” 

— Alexander Cappello, CEO
Cappello Capitol 

Even though you were an unannounced, last minute replacement for our keynote speaker, you were the most talked about presenter of our conference. Every woman loved your presentation! 

California Women’s Conference 

Yours was the top rated class at the entire Athens, Greece conference. Congratulations on a stellar performance with an extremely difficult and sensitive subject. Your material’s contribution in support of marital intimacy and health is profound!” 

— Jim Reep, CEO
First Consulting Group 

“You will be happy to hear that your “speaker” and “subject” ratings were the highest of our ten events this year (including a dinner with the State Premier)!” 

— David Simpson, CEO
Australia Events 

“From all of the feedback received, Dr. Dunas was one of the most popular educators we have ever had! She presented the highest rated classes at our conference. The acupuncture I received was the highlight of my event. My pain has been gone for weeks as a result. 

— Lawrence Levy, President and Founder
The Levy Restaurants 

Many of our audience members went so far as to say that yours was the best presentation they had seen since entering our organization. Thank you for a most informative and delightful presentation on Alternative Medicine. 

— Fred Setzer, President
Cincinnati Presidents Association 

“Both at our chapter meeting and at the Los Angeles International Entrepreneurs Conference you were a huge success. Husbands, wives and singles alike have remarked to me that your presentation was truly a turning point in their personal lives. You were a hit!” 

— Gerard Cappello, Vice President
Young Entrepreneurs Organization 

“We brought you back to Columbia, after your first highly rated presentation, to deliver the closing keynote at our recent area conference. The standing ovation following your speech was well deserved! 

— Claudia Pereri
Event Planner 

“Your unique approach to medicine, integrating East and Western ideas, opened our minds to new and legitimate possibilities for our patients. “

 Event Planner
American Back Association

Customizable Topics Include:

Am I Healthy If I Don’t Feel Sick?
Your Body’s Secrets Revealed

Your body reveals your state of health and your personality traits while warning of future illness using signs most people are not trained to see.  Learn how to “read” these signs in a fun, interactive setting. We will engage in face, tongue, and eye readings, all ancient practices that have been historically used for medical diagnosis and match making throughout Asia and Europe. People watching will never be the same.

Experiential Acupuncture Workshop
Live Pleasantly Pain Free

Come experience acupuncture first-hand and learn how this ancient system of medicine can help you and your family lead healthier lives. You do not need an acupuncturist in your hometown to benefit from some of the the simple yet phenomenally effective practices taught in this presentation. Bring your pain and other health problems with you. Don’t forget the jet lag and hangovers!   All bodies, no matter their culture or continent of origin, will feel great!

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle, Really?
A Proactive Approach To Staying Well

Learn history’s oldest and science’s newest approaches to achieving optimal health and raising a healthy family.  Don’t be fooled by the health food industry or fad diet programs. Your children will be calmer and more cooperative, your teens will handle hormones with grace instead of rebellion, and you will feel your vitality, not your age!

Touch The Ones You Love
Massage Workshop For Couples

Would you like to help your loved ones feel better when they are stressed, in pain, or under the weather? Would you like massage to enhance your love life? During this audience participation workshop, you and your beloved will give and receive a massage using four easy massage strokes.  You will have the assistance of professional therapists to guide you and will take home a step-by-step manual. Get out of your “touch rut” and learn to touch one another in new, wonderful and healing ways!

Women’s/Men’s Health and Intimacy Workshops
Simultaneously Maximize Your Health and Interpersonal Intimacy With Your Spouse, Friends, and Family

In this workshop series, discover the critical link between your physical health and your capacity to cultivate and experience loving relationships. As you implement the content you will note immediate benefits in vitality and impactful change upon your marriage, personal, and professional lives.

Business Skills For A Successful Marriage & Family Life
Strategies to Multiply Your Successes

Successfully apply your high-level business skills to other areas of life. Cultivate rich intimacy and family relationships by learning in a language you already understand: business.

Great Sex For A Lifetime
Ancient Sexual Energy Investment Strategies For Modern Lovers.

This class will teach why a good sex life is so important to your physical and marital health. It will introduce techniques that maximize the benefits granted from proper use of your sexuality, eliminate stress, improve your health and enliven your marriage by making love!

Seduction: The Art Form
Fan The Flames of Desire In the One You Love

The passion, emotion, sexuality, sacredness and duration of love are enhanced when lovers are well versed in the art of seduction. Using the wisdom of ancient sexologists and contemporary researchers, we will explore this often neglected aspect of erotic intimacy. From initial flirtations to enduring romantic passion over decades, you can successfully fan the flames of desire in the one you love both in and outside of the bedroom.

Great Sex After 50
Grow Younger By Making Love

An active sex life lowers biological age and improves vitality and longevity while enhancing your outlook on life. Lovers ages 50 and above can look forward to longer lives and more pleasure than they ever have before. Learn everything you need to know to maintain a healthy, happy sexual life during your golden years.

Great Romance For A Lifetime
Success Skills To Help You Love One Another Forever

An active sex life lowers biological age and improves vitality and longevity while enhancing your outlook on life. Lovers ages 50 and above can look forward to longer lives and more pleasure than they ever have before. Learn everything you need to know to maintain a healthy, happy sexual life during your golden years.


I was walking on railroad tracks in the southern hemisphere with a gentleman who had just attended one of my lectures. We were discussing how life can lead us in unexpected directions. “Had someone told me that after I sold my company and retired I would become the CEO of our national railway system, I would have told them they were crazy,” he said laughing. “Well,” I chuckled, “Had someone told me that after helping to launch the acupuncture profession in the United States I would find myself lecturing to CEOs around the world about how to make love and  enhance their health, I would have told them they were crazy.” Sometimes you end up in the darndest places doing the most unpredictable things. For me, if it’s about healing, about helping someone’s life energy flow harmoniously and with vitality in their bodies and relationships, then I am in the right place and doing the best thing!

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