Executive Marriage Education

As a personal development educator, I have worked with thousands of C-level executives in over 60 countries since 1991, helping them adapt and customize work skills to bring comparable success to their personal lives. I teach practical marriage and family strengthening strategies in a language that is already spoken by executives – the language of business.

Utilization of Business Skills

Because a happy home life is challenging to achieve and maintain, it is wise to consider the strategies you already use to generate success in other areas of life, especially business, and adapt them. There are many similarities between these two seemingly diverse areas of life and implementing the protocols of one will enhance the other.

Executive Marriage and Personal Relationships

Every successful executive has systems for utilizing and managing their energy output strategically. However, many don’t realize that their leadership, productivity, and communication skill sets can be transferred between their work and home environments, if customized. They leave their briefcases by the door, metaphorically speaking, and forget to bring some of their most useful tools “into the house”. This wastes energy and time, lowering productivity and harmony at home and in the bedroom. By teaching executives and their spouses how to customize business skills for home use I help marriage and family life quickly and dramatically improve.