Health, Sex, and Intimacy Counseling

For nearly 40 years I have offered individual and couples consultations which address mental and physical health, peak performance, relationship dynamics and sex related challenges. By pairing the most up to date science and psychology with ancient practices, I customize a results oriented approach so my clients can make quick and dynamic shifts.

Intimate Relationship Support

With my roots in Eastern medicine, I work with intimate relationship challenges from a unique vantage point. I help you see how the quality and condition of your energy, as well as how you use it, can strengthen or weaken not only your romantic life, but also close family and friendship ties, as well as meaningful professional connections. I am not bound by the limitations of psychology, though I may include it in my assessment. If you or you and a beloved are seeking healing and new skills for love cultivation, you will learn surprisingly simple strategies to optimize your strength and dramatically improve connections. I combine scientific research and ancient wisdom to help you obtain the value that dynamic interpersonal closeness can bring.

Sexual Education and
Sexual Relationship Support 

One of the most challenging aspects of intimacy, the canary in the coal mine, in that it is usually the first aspect of love to die as couples move apart, is sex. Research tells us that sex is a topic in which most of us are sorely undereducated and under gratified. It is also at the heart of one of the oldest medical practices in history, which, while still used throughout Asia today, archeological evidence shows it is over 3000 years old. As an authority in this form of sexual medicine, I have worked with individuals and couples throughout the world in their quests to heal this important part of life. I teach skills that range from the most basic to those which elevate sex from a pastime to an art form and healing elixir.

“Making love makes love. That is why we call it that.”

“It is as foolish to see a doctor once you are sick as it is to dig a well once you are thirsty,”
– Asian Proverb

Physical and Mental Health Consulting

Energy imbalances result in the behavior, relationship, or physical disease you are experiencing. Utilizing a multi-modality approach, with an emphasis on Eastern medicine, I complete an assessment of the condition of your energy and the patterns it expresses using the long-established, clinically tested diagnostic tools of Eastern medicine, as well as other systems if needed. I will use acupuncture, nutritional and herbal medications, diet and lifestyle adjustments, and other modalities that are a part of the Eastern and nutritional medicine tool chests to help you. Physical health, stress and mental health, relationship and aging concerns are among the areas addressed. In most cases, I will be able to share my plan for healing/enhancing you or your relationship by the end of that first session. In support of my integrative approach, I suggest clinicians in other medical specialties if I think their diagnostic or treatment support will be important for you.

Peak Performance and Illness Prevention

At the heart of Eastern medicine are the concepts of longevity and proactive support of health. Historically physicians have helped their patients maintain optimal health by working proactively, treating them before illness strikes rather than only addressing illness after patients become ill. I work with athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, and all peak performance enthusiasts who are committed to optimizing vitality, stamina, health, intelligence, and success!

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