Medical Practice

When we use multiple systems of medicine together, we can heal a larger percentage of patients than any one system on its own – this is my integrative approach. I use acupuncture, nutritional and herbal medications, diet and lifestyle adjustments, and other modalities that are a part of the Eastern and nutritional medicine tool chests when treating patients. I will suggest integrating physicians of other medical specialties into your plan if I believe their diagnostic or treatment support will be important for you.

Areas Addressed

  • Physical health problems that are not sufficiently resolved by working with your physicians.

  • Stress and mental health concerns that are not sufficiently addressed by your physician.

  • Difficult side effects and health problems resulting from correctly or incorrectly administered medical treatment such as difficult surgical recovery, chemotherapy, and radiation side effects.

  • Conditions for which there is no name and that your doctor cannot identify, although you know something is wrong and you feel unwell. 

  • Aging-related concerns. For thousands of years, Eastern medicine has been used to prevent disease and lower one’s biological age. For those who look to increase stamina, mental and physical athleticism, or decrease the effects of aging, this ancient yet relevant system of energy management has much to offer. 

  • Peak performance support through advancing elite-level athletes, entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and all peak performance enthusiasts who are committed to optimizing performance, stamina, health, intelligence, and vitality.

“Your clinical skills and the medical team you created for me cured me of a terminal illness. Nothing can top that! I owe you my life.”


“The chemotherapy regimen that was required as part of my cancer treatment went so well that my doctors couldn’t understand how could I feel good and even gain weight. I worked with you to help me manage the side effects and that made all the difference.”


“You actually got me to stop smoking after 50 years! I had tried dozens of times. You made the difference.


“The injuries and PTSD I was experiencing after my car accident made normal life impossible. Your care got me out of pain and back to living again!


Tailored Medical Team

I create medical teams for both my local and telehealth patients. I bring together physicians and practitioners of many conventional, alternative, and integrative medicine fields, to diagnose and treat difficult to resolve cases. By combining the best that every system has to offer, many complex or misunderstood disease states can be successfully diagnosed and resolved.

Conditions Treated:


Adrenal Dysfunction





Autoimmune Diseases

Back Pain

Cancer Adjunctive Care

Cardiovascular Disease

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Inflammation


Cognitive Dysfunction


Covid – long haul symptoms 








Inflammatory Bowel


Joint Pain

Labor and Birthing Prep


Men’s Health

Mental Health 

Metabolic Syndrome

Migraine Headache

Mood Disorders

Neurological Disorders




Pain Syndrome


Post Concussive Syndrome 

Premenstrual Syndrome



Recurrent Infections

Reflux Disease/G.E.R.D.


Smoking Cessation

Stress Management

Traumatic Brain Injury 

Thyroid Disorders

Urinary Problems

Weight Loss

Women’s Health

And Others

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