Many couples notice that it takes a vacation away from daily stresses to

relax the body, free the mind, and rediscover sexual desire. That’s

because erotic love naturally blends together with physical and mental

healing. When you recover from an illness or climb out from under that

mountain of papers, your sex drive returns. Overwork, worry, and

physical strain consume the juice needed to run your sexual batteries.

But in case you had forgotten, sex, like health, is worthy of



Everything in life is easier if you are having great sex. Mountains turn

into molehills. You appreciate of the goodness life brings you, your

outlook brightens, and your body feels more vital. If you think these

statements aren’t true, you have never had great sex on a regular basis.


So why must it take a bungalow, a Jacuzzi, and your parents babysitting

for a week to revive the passion confined by the daily grind?


It is possible to maintain that healthy hunger for life and each other

without depending upon that elusive weekend off. But you must have a

clear idea of how great sex and great health complement and create each

other. Then you can intentionally use one to access the other and create

lifestyle habits that allow you more of both.


In magnificent seclusion, hidden away from time and urban life, you and

your beloved will rediscover each other. Under the ancient arms of

gently swaying trees, you will regenerate yourselves. And while all

thought of budgets, children, and employment melt away, you may even

have the best sex of your life.

My next live event in Los Angeles is titled Intimacy, Sex and Spirituality~ How Women Work. I invite you to join me to develop a more proficient tool box for  generating deeper sexual pleasure for yourself  or your beloved.

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