As a practitioner of Eastern or Traditional Chinese medicine, (TCM)  for over five decades, my career has taken me from the treatment room to the corporate boardroom, and along the way, I’ve discovered the transformative power of integrating the ancient medical and philosophical concepts that make up TCM into business building strategies. Because the foundational concepts of TCM are also integral in understanding an entire way of life throughout Asia, including governmental principles, architecture, human relationship structures, and religion, they can be as effective outside the medical office and treatment room as inside.

Thirty-four years ago I saw an opportunity to introduce C-level executives to the benefits of TCM, with the hope that their positive experiences would trickle down to their marriages, families, employees, and communities. I began to demonstrate the value of TCM in terms that resonated with business leaders. By aligning with the goals and culture of a company, I was able to use ancient understandings from across the world to help people in their workplace today.

I developed a variety of approaches, including executive marital coaching protocols based on TCM principles, lectures on the application of ancient principles to improve management efficiency, experiential acupuncture workshops to relieve workday stress at CEO educational conferences and within companies, in-home CEO family health classes, which included an analysis of what was in the fridge. I shared the benefits of this medical field with a broader audience by finding their needs and pain points and applying the ancient principles that I use to heal bodies to transform corporate culture and the lives of execs and employees.

Yin Yang theory, one of the oldest theoretical concepts in human history and at the heart of TCM, can help a CEO improve a company’s management culture, minimize burnout, decrease sick days, lower workman’s comp costs, shorten the duration and improve the results of addiction rehab rates within the employee base and improve morale and dialogue with management.  It can also improve the effectiveness with which an executive communicates with peers. This theory, which is over 5200 years old, can help one orchestrate greater life balance within a busy lifestyle.

For the past 30-plus years, my practice has included customized work for CEOs, their companies, spouses, and families. This unique clientele has provided me with insights into the intersection of health and business success, insights that you may also find useful when customized to meet your needs.

Would you like to know more about how ancient principles can improve your workday experience? Reach out to me.  Let’s talk about it.

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