Orgasms 101

So you want to bring something new and exciting into your life but are not sure if it should be a personal investment class, a comfy sofa, a kitchen remodel or orgasms?  This, my friends, is no dilemma.  Read more

Using Career Skills for a Happy Home Life! Part Two

To raise your level of personal and marital bliss, consider using the same methods at home that you do to achieve success at the office.
Read more

Using career skills for a happy home life~

Are you proficient in accomplishing your work related tasks? Most of us must be highly skilled in the work arena to be successful. In fact, continuing to hold a job or run a business is dependent entirely on continually proving your value to your employer or the marketplace. This requires monitoring and updating your skill sets and goals on a regular basis as well as adapting to changes in your environment. Read more

The Perfect Date For Sex and Healing

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and . . . zzzz. I don’t know who
invented the romantic ideal of wining and dining followed by passionate
lovemaking, but whoever it was did not understand the human body and
probably had mediocre sex. To feel desire and make love well, your body
needs certain conditions. Keep the following in mind: Read more

A Reminder~ The Power of Great Sex

Many couples notice that it takes a vacation away from daily stresses to

relax the body, free the mind, and rediscover sexual desire. That’s

because erotic love naturally blends together with physical and mental

healing. Read more

Where Did The Honeymoon Go?

It all started out just great didn’t it? She was into you, you were into her. Every body had pink cheeks and even the dullest of chores could be accomplished with enthusiasm. You felt inspired, motivated, ready for anything. Most of all vital. Life was expressing its most magnificent aspects through your every move. “There were birds all around but you never heard them ringing, no you never heard them at all till there was” HER. Life is at its most colorful when we love. Springtime can be found in every season. Read more

Creating a Great Sex Life!

If currently single:

1. Include in your list of requirements that your intended have similar values for a great sex life. He or she must be continually willing to invest energy, time, money, ego flexibility, and creativity. An entire love affair is poised upon its weakest point. If that is sex, nothing else between you can be optimally strong.

2. Formulate your ideas as to the structure and priorities that will govern your next relationship sexually. How much time per week should be devoted to erotic loving optimally? Are you able to commit that time currently or do you need to make some changes in your schedule. When you see your next lover waving to you from the horizon of your life, have your lifestyle set up for some serious loving.

If you have chosen your beloved: Read more

Passion as an Art Form

Lasting passion is an art form that requires discipline. Most of the sex studies tell us that we are not practicing enough. Over two thirds of American women do not have orgasms consistently. Almost all Americans (90%) experience some form of sexual dysfunction during their lives. Those, my friends, are failure statistics. We are, at best, mediocre artists. Read more

Geography or Sexuality?

We spend years studying subjects like geography. Ask any girl the complete terrain of her boyfriends’ erogenous zones and she would likely fail. Ask him to find her clitoris, the center or her sexual universe. He is more likely to uncover the lost city of Atlantis en route. How about anthropology? Many of us know more about how people in other cultures mate than how to mate ourselves. Even chimpanzees in Africa have better sex education than we do. Read more

Sex for Sale~ Part II

Up until the turn of this century many parents in china chose spouses for their infant children. They used physiognomy, facial feature reading, to determine many personality characteristics yet undeveloped. This is how future compatibility was assessed between the toddling bride and groom to be. Genital size and shape were also features read on the face. If their cooing children were not going to be a good fit, all the money in the world would not convince parents to push ahead with the match. Sexual compatibility was paramount. Without a glorious sex life between spouses, the marriage would not be strong. If the marriage were not strong, the family would weaken. Weak families made for ineffectual communities and how could any culture survive its enemies if all within was not steadfast. Good sex was a primary cause for social stability, while lousy sex brought violence and unrest in society as a whole. Read more

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