If currently single:

1. Include in your list of requirements that your intended have similar values for a great sex life. He or she must be continually willing to invest energy, time, money, ego flexibility, and creativity. An entire love affair is poised upon its weakest point. If that is sex, nothing else between you can be optimally strong.

2. Formulate your ideas as to the structure and priorities that will govern your next relationship sexually. How much time per week should be devoted to erotic loving optimally? Are you able to commit that time currently or do you need to make some changes in your schedule. When you see your next lover waving to you from the horizon of your life, have your lifestyle set up for some serious loving.

If you have chosen your beloved:

Bottom line: invest over time.

Bad reasons for a man to hook up with someone:

• you are tired of masturbating

• You want out of your singles-only condominium complex

• She is a dermatologist and you have moles to remove

Bad reasons for a woman to hook up with some one:

• You are trying to find something to do with your time besides graduate school

• Sleeping with just about anything is better than reading another romance novel

• You want to punish yourself for picking such a jerk last time

Good reasons for a man to hook up with someone:

• you love holding her when she cries

• she is worth selling your peter pan outfit for

• you realize that a “10” is a “7” who will stand by you

Good reasons for a woman to hook up with some one:

• you don’t need to be a bigger man than he is

• you will still find him sexy at 70

• Loving him means respecting you

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