Picture this: sleepless nights filled with euphoric energy bursts, delightfully obsessive thoughts that keep your heart racing, and a delicious feeling in your chest that you just can’t shake. This is the world of romantic love, where emotions run high and every moment feels like an adventure.

While we often view the symptoms of love as a normal part of the rollercoaster ride of chemistry and romance, what if we considered them as reflections of your body’s health? What if we treated the highs and lows of love with the same care and attention that we give to other aspects of our well-being? Could understanding the energetic dynamics of love help us navigate its twists and turns with greater ease and grace? I believe it can. When we address the symptoms of love, we open the door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

I’ve explored the signs and symptoms when my patients fall in and out of love. From obsessive thoughts to sleepless nights, each experience was a unique blend of emotions and physical sensations. These expressions, often seen as normal in the context of new love and attraction, can be viewed through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine as reflections of the strengths of the internal organs and energy systems of the body.

When we fall in love, our bodies undergo a series of profound changes. Evolutionary psychology suggests that love is a mechanism designed to ensure the survival of our species by inspiring us to form bonds and create families. From a TCM perspective, love begins in the heart, which then influences the kidneys, igniting one’s sexual desire and a cascade of hormonal and neurochemical responses.

One of the medical theories that we work with in Chinese medicine involves a correlation between internal organs and “elements” of nature.  As we journey through the phases of love—falling in and out, experiencing the highs and lows—we engage different elements. The earth element, which governs our capacity to digest and absorb nourishment, plays a crucial role in how we perceive and process love. The metal element helps us discern the quality of our connections and make sound judgments about our partners. The wood element, responsible for organizing our lives and regulating our emotions, guides us as we navigate the complexities of love and relationships.

While love can bring us joy and fulfillment, it can also pose challenges. The intense emotions and physical demands of love/chemistry require energy and resilience. By understanding the energetic dynamics of love, we can support ourselves in achieving greater stability and peace, even in the midst of love’s storms.

So, the next time you find yourself swept up in the throes of romance, be it a long term partnership or a new flame, remember that love is not just a feeling—it’s a journey that engages your body’s energy and every internal organ within you.  By embracing the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine and the insights of evolutionary psychology, we can navigate the seas of romance with greater compassion, both for ourselves and for those we love. The ride becomes gentler, the roller coaster less polarized and the capacity to receive what love has to offer is greater within you.

Are you feeling tossed about by love at any stage?  Would you enjoy hearing more of my perspective on your personal situation? I am available for private sessions to help you navigate the challenges you are facing at https://www.felicedunas.com/.

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