Or a girl can have fun fun fun even if her daddy takes her T-bird away

What resembles molten lava sensually gushing from a volcanic crater, a steaming geyser forcing water out from the earth’s very heart, and the wild scent of a tropical rain forest after a cleansing downpour? It could only be a woman in the throes of a multi-orgasmic experience. 

It was Aristotle who first wrote of a woman’s multi-orgasmic capacities, but Freud was the first medical researcher to put to pen what women are capable of. Sigmund said there were two kinds of orgasms in women; clitoral in origin and vaginal in origin.  Clitoral orgasms were immature, the result of an under developed sense of womanhood. He considered them neurotic and worked with due diligence to help his female patients overcome them.   Vaginal-based orgasms were more respectable.  A woman who could achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse or through vaginal stimulation alone was on her way to psychological health.  We can thank him for having more knowledge about female orgasmic response than most women and gynecologists today.   While he was correct that women enjoy different types of orgasms, it is best to remove his psychology to get to the truth.

 To be continued in ‘Ode To Multiple Orgasms Part Two’ to be posted on 11/19/2009

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