Noble scientists have been determined to get the answers behind femininity’s mysterious nature.  We should exalt these brave souls at the next Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.  Having fought society’s rigidity, and the closed-mindedness of their medical colleagues, they have forged ahead to figure out that magical mystery hole. Female sexual response is not the subject of congressional or media debate but progress is being made and we can credit that progress with changing women’s health, relationships and sexual pleasure levels around the country.  Unfortunately, unless you make a point of expanding your knowledge base it is not likely that anyone will tell you everything you need to know.  Though the information is there, few are aware of it and even most gynecologists do not keep up with it. 

Drs. John Perry and Beverly Whipple did some groundbreaking work in the 1970s. I like to mention these folks all I can. They re-discovered what had been missed by Masters and Johnson, the Kinsey Report on Female Sexual Response and most American and European sexologists up until that time.  They revisited the work of a German physician practicing during the mid-20th Century. Thanks to Whipple and Perry, Ernst Graphenberg has had a part of the vagina named after him.  (We can only imagine what his life must have been like.)   Graphenberg described an important part of the female genital anatomy and physiology that had been overlooked or underestimated.  We now know it as the G SPOT. 

 Continued in Ode to Multiple Orgasm Part 3- To be posted on 11/21/2009

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