Sexuality- From the Chinese medical Perspective

Chinese medicine is the first medical system in the history of humanity to have a real medical focus on sexuality. Read more

Using career skills for a happy home life~

Are you proficient in accomplishing your work related tasks? Most of us must be highly skilled in the work arena to be successful. In fact, continuing to hold a job or run a business is dependent entirely on continually proving your value to your employer or the marketplace. This requires monitoring and updating your skill sets and goals on a regular basis as well as adapting to changes in your environment. Read more

Eating Your Way to Sexual Health

Want to eat your way to sexual health? Traditional Oriental medicine has
some general suggestions. Read more

Which health problems can acupuncture address?

Which health problems can acupuncture address?

Please note that the following information is based upon the teachings of Oriental medicine. Some, but not all of the information presented, has been documented by clinical research. Though acupuncture is being studied in universities and medical institutions around the world, the research has not caught up with the demand. This is due to the relatively recent recognition of acupuncture as a viable medical modality as well as the western medical establishment’s historical resistance to its use. You may wish to follow up your reading of this material by exploring what the current medical literature has to say. Read more

What does acupuncture feel like?

What does acupuncture feel like?

It depends. This medical skill evolved all over Asia so there were many techniques devised. Some generate a great deal of sensation, others cannot be felt at all and several range in between. In the Americas, parts of Asia and Europe, most acupuncturists use techniques that generate little to no sensation. Once acupuncture needles are in place, the patient rests comfortably as the needles are generally not felt once in place. An acupuncturist may either continue to interact with a patient or leave the treatment room while the patient enjoys the calming and relaxing experience privately. Some practitioners make pleasant music available for patients during this period. Read more

How Exactly Does Stress Effect Us?

How does stress cause disease?  Now, I’m not going to focus on this negative stuff for long, but you need to have an understanding of this, because that’s going to help motivate you to stay on the healthier side which will then give you the vitality to enjoy your lifeachieve higher levels of productivity and deeper intimacy in your relationships. Read more

Vital Health During the Holidays Part 1

The holiday seasons is usually a time when health and sex fly out the window, and these are among my favorite topics, so I want you to be able to enjoy an abundance of both of them during the holidays. If we were going to make this holiday season different, if we are going to make it exceptional by giving you more vitality and more energy, by making joy easier to come by, and by enlivening your intimate and romantic life – what would we do?  We need to look at strategies for staying healthy and for monitoring your stress level.  Read more

How To Create Multiple Orgasms in Women!

When you create orgasms in women, you support the up lifting of consciousness that is part of the body’s delight.  Multiple orgasmic response is a gift available to women by nature and validated by research.  My professional ancestors conducted their research in a manner similar to researchers today.  They watched.  Scientists in this new millennium spend more time watching dials, monitors and electrode signals attached to various body parts than did physicians of ancient China who got to sit behind gauze curtains taking in the real thing.  But the uniting goal was the discovery of the body’s true potential.  Read more

Ode to Multiple Orgasms Part Four


In 1980, a profound lecture took place at the national meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex.  Drs Perry and Whipple told attendees important information that most women and doctors still do not know enough about.  While they acknowledge that one form of female orgasm is “vulvular” originating from the clitoris, there is another area from which orgasms, multiple orgasms in fact, stem.  I paraphrase from their book, The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries about Human Sexuality Read more


Noble scientists have been determined to get the answers behind femininity’s mysterious nature.  We should exalt these brave souls at the next Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.  Having fought society’s rigidity, and the closed-mindedness of their medical colleagues, they have forged ahead to figure out that magical mystery hole. Female sexual response is not the subject of congressional or media debate but progress is being made and we can credit that progress with changing women’s health, relationships and sexual pleasure levels around the country.  Unfortunately, unless you make a point of expanding your knowledge base it is not likely that anyone will tell you everything you need to know.  Though the information is there, few are aware of it and even most gynecologists do not keep up with it.  Read more

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