So you want to bring something new and exciting into your life but are not sure if it should be a personal investment class, a comfy sofa, a kitchen remodel or orgasms?  This, my friends, is no dilemma.  Orgasms don’t cost anything.  They fit into every room of the house, require no new electrical outlets, never need to be cleaned and require no heavy lifting when you have finally had enough of your grungy little kitchen.  They are, by far, the best investment you can make


Consciously decide to bring more orgasms into your life.  While they slip in every once in a while without prior scheduling, the best way to insure their spontaneity is to plan time for them.

 The harder you work at having orgasms the more likely you are to hear your neighbors enjoying them while your efforts prove fruitless. Hold open the door and invite them in by conscientiously receiving the caring in your beloved’s touch.  Force ketchup bottle open, not orgasms. 

 Your body is a machine.  It effectively makes orgasms if touched the right way.  Get informed by talking to friends (heaven forbid), buying books and videos or taking classes to learn how to get the results you want.  I encourage you to join me for an intimate teleseminar series all about sexual skill and technique at It takes skill. Not magic or luck. 

Both men and women are capable of multiple-orgasmic experiences.  This means you are among the lucky ones.  Developing these skills takes time and continuous effort and guarantees that your best orgasms are yet to come.

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