Lasting passion is an art form that requires discipline. Most of the sex studies tell us that we are not practicing enough. Over two thirds of American women do not have orgasms consistently. Almost all Americans (90%) experience some form of sexual dysfunction during their lives. Those, my friends, are failure statistics. We are, at best, mediocre artists.

Monogamy is too hard to do if it is not going to be great. And
nothing makes up for it being lousy. Nothing. It does not matter how
successful you are in other areas of life, without erotic passion and
joy, a big bite is taken out of the donut.

How is my sales pitch so far? Are you considering purchasing a new sex life?

Many of us get stupid when it is time to choose who we are going to
have sex with for the rest of our lives. We pick partners with whom we are not sexually Compatible. To make matters worse, the longer we stay together, the more time becomes justification to stay together. “Oh we’ve been living together for ten years. We have so much history.” Yeah, and all that history proves you are still duds in bed. You may pat your selves on the back for YOUR many anniversaries, but I’ll bet ya somebody else is patting at least one of you some place else. And if that isn’t the case, unfortunately statistics tell us that it probably will be soon.

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