SEX FOR SALE~ Great sex may be expensive but bad sex costs even more

I am trying to sell you your own sex life. Please buy it. 

If people FULLY recognized the value of making love, the divorce rate in
this country would be cut in half. Childhood would be happier because
the erotic passion between spouses would take the strain of marital
conflict off kids. Adulthood would be cause for rejoicing because every
year could be viewed as an opportunity to create more affection and


The last marital generation was ruled by passionless, dysfunctional, codependent, narcissism.  If you crave a joyous, communicative relationship, if happily ever after is truly your goal, you need to re-think your priorities.  Sex is the defining factor in a monogamous relationship.  It is the only thing you cannot do with any one else in your life.  Get good at it.

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2 Responses to “SEX FOR SALE~ Great sex may be expensive but bad sex costs even more”
  1. Francis says:

    Felice, why do married men and women have such a completely different view of sex and marriage after age 40?

    Must marriage only be a companionship?

    Where did I make the wrong turn?

  2. Andrew says:


    I could not agree more. I think many people still live from this view point. Parents need to change to help their children. Most children grow up and are just mirror to how their parent’s behavioured.

    What if divorce was harder to achieve or how about, getting married or (gripe) social benefits were not handed out so freely?

    I think the both of you need to ask yourself, What is important to me in a relationship? Most people could not list 10 items. I can guarantee you, your partner’s list would be different from your own. Then ask your partner to explain, why each value is important and how THEY know that it has be met. Ask them to list them in order of priority.

    Relationship bliss beckons!

    Happy Days


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