We spend years studying subjects like geography. Ask any girl the complete terrain of her boyfriends’ erogenous zones and she would likely fail. Ask him to find her clitoris, the center or her sexual universe. He is more likely to uncover the lost city of Atlantis en route. How about anthropology? Many of us know more about how people in other cultures mate than how to mate ourselves. Even chimpanzees in Africa have better sex education than we do.

Rather than marriage being built on a foundation of passion, we joke about how sexual bliss vanishes the day after the wedding. And how great was your wedding night, might I ask? Oh, never mind. We are all just too tired and worn out and probably haven’t eaten enough all day. So how are our bodies supposed to create fireworks with no fuses left? What a crazy culture.

Stop these ridiculous attitudes! Desist, cease, about face.
Redirect your attentions to the greatest of all life’s adventures.
Erotic intimacy is as exhilarating as climbing a tall mountain, as life
altering as a deep meditation with a strong teacher, as fulfilling as
retail therapy (that means a day in department stores, gentlemen), and
of greater value than anything money could buy you. It tastes better
than a chocolate sundae, and the visuals are as lumpy as any mountain range on earth. What a landscape!

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