The next time you see your honey-pie after a day’s work or extended absence, make the first act between you a great big, fat, sloppy, juicy, noisy, mushy, gushy, ten-second kiss. When was the last time you shared a kiss that lasted a full ten seconds while vertical?

If you can’t remember, shame on you! It probably made your knees go weak AND brightened your whole day. I ask my patients and audiences which family member gets the first hug or kiss when they get home at the end of the day. IT’S USUALLY THE DOG.

Be sure to make it a wet, juicy kiss. Ancient Chinese physicians considered the saliva of one’s lover to be a health elixir. Kisses that exchange bodily fluids strengthen the kissers. And the more tongue action the better. The tongue is an extension of the heart. Touching tongues allows hearts to touch. Opening the mouth increases our appetite for greater closeness.

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