Men and their Orgasms

If I had a penny for every time a typical male thought about having orgasms, I could have retired years ago.  Any guy will tell you that few acts are worthy of as much attention.  These intense moments are given prime mental air time, but most men have no idea of their full orgasmic potential. Read more

Sex As an Antiaging Technique

The idea that sex is an antiaging tool is based upon the premise that you
can make love with skills that actually generate more life force. Read more

The healing power of a passionate kiss

The next time you see your honey-pie after a day’s work or extended absence, make the first act between you a great big, fat, sloppy, juicy, noisy, mushy, gushy, ten-second kiss. Read more

Sex for Sale~ Part II

Up until the turn of this century many parents in china chose spouses for their infant children. They used physiognomy, facial feature reading, to determine many personality characteristics yet undeveloped. This is how future compatibility was assessed between the toddling bride and groom to be. Genital size and shape were also features read on the face. If their cooing children were not going to be a good fit, all the money in the world would not convince parents to push ahead with the match. Sexual compatibility was paramount. Without a glorious sex life between spouses, the marriage would not be strong. If the marriage were not strong, the family would weaken. Weak families made for ineffectual communities and how could any culture survive its enemies if all within was not steadfast. Good sex was a primary cause for social stability, while lousy sex brought violence and unrest in society as a whole. Read more

Vital Health During the Holidays Part 1

The holiday seasons is usually a time when health and sex fly out the window, and these are among my favorite topics, so I want you to be able to enjoy an abundance of both of them during the holidays. If we were going to make this holiday season different, if we are going to make it exceptional by giving you more vitality and more energy, by making joy easier to come by, and by enlivening your intimate and romantic life – what would we do?  We need to look at strategies for staying healthy and for monitoring your stress level.  Read more