To raise your level of personal and marital bliss, consider using the same methods at home that you do to achieve success at the office.
Business Plans, Mission and Vision Statements
At the foundation of every successful business is a vision statement that clarifies why the company exists, a mission statement as to its goals and a business plan outlining how success will be reached. Is there a comparable framework for your marriage and family? While global concepts such as “to honor and obey in sickness and in health” are laid out during the marriage ceremony, few couples regularly sit down to specify what they each want to get out of their life together and as individuals, how they intend to succeed, and what kind of help they need from each other.

Defining Success
Determine your measures of success and be intentional about achieving them. What would a successful life and marriage include for you? For Candice success is feeling close emotionally and having time for great conversation regularly. She also needs a lot of time alone. Her husband Jack needs a fulfilling sex life, the exchange of humor and a vigorous social life. All these parameters must be considered as they construct and live out their lives and marriage.

Job descriptions and Power Hierarchies:
While every one is brought into a company for a specific purpose, many family members are unclear as to their job description and position in reference to power distribution. This creates stress. For example, some men prefer having minimal home responsibility because they generate income which facilitates the family lifestyle. If their wives agree, this viewpoint isn’t problematic. Unfortunately, these same men can get critical of how things are done at home and don’t notice the frustration they feel when busy with work. When the family is together for an extended period of lime, during a weekend or vacation, they may suddenly take charge of something that is usually her domain. Without prior discussion these men attempt to improve things with their own methods, overpowering current protocols and upsetting their wives, kids or both. This results in upset for every one. Men feel their contributions are not wanted, wives feel disrespected and kids get confused.

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