When you create orgasms in women, you support the up lifting of consciousness that is part of the body’s delight.  Multiple orgasmic response is a gift available to women by nature and validated by research.  My professional ancestors conducted their research in a manner similar to researchers today.  They watched.  Scientists in this new millennium spend more time watching dials, monitors and electrode signals attached to various body parts than did physicians of ancient China who got to sit behind gauze curtains taking in the real thing.  But the uniting goal was the discovery of the body’s true potential. 

 Cultivation of a balanced and successful life must include self-knowledge.   Once the fear and shame are pushed aside few areas of your life will provide more joy or self-respect than full realization of your erotic nature. Make love and find out what you are made of. Doctor’s orders!

How to create multiple orgasms in women!!!

  • If you are a woman, decide that no matter how inept you feel in every other area of life, you are capable of responding similarly to women who are multi-orgasmic if you or your partner know what to do.


  • Talk to your gynecologist.  What does he or she know that will help make your sex life more pleasurable. 


  • Buy books that will teach you more about the full extent of female sexual potential.  Read them. 


  • If you are married with kids, take two hours on a Sunday morning and send the youngsters to IHOP or the zoo or give them  $100 and send them to an arcade.  You want them so absorbed they forget all about you.  Now you have to let yourself get so absorbed that you forget all about them too.


  •  If you are a single woman go to a sex toy store or find a catalogue of sexual paraphernalia and buy yourself a few different g spot stimulators.  This tool is designed to get where your fingers and household pliers cant.  They come in slightly different shapes, angles and sizes.  That is why you should try a few.  They are also different firmnesses.  The harder the tool, the easier it may be to initially find your G spot.  Beyond that, personal preference reigns.  Can I list a few sex toy catalogues?


  • Ready, set, go!  Use all the time, toys and educational tools you have collected.  Allow yourself several opportunities to grow from clumsy and awkward to surprised and delighted.  There is no rush and unlimited joy awaits you. 



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