As you may know from having looked at my material before, my goal is to help you live a richer, kinder and more skillful life.  I want you to feel greater love, more vitality and deeper passion.  I hope that by engaging with what I teach,  you will discover new facts and insights that make being you an increasingly valuable person to be in every respect.  I do this by teaching you the principles I have been trained.  I hope they can help you, as they have helped millions of others over the past several thousand years. 

It may seem odd that a founder of the acupuncture profession in the United States could have something of value to say about sexuality and romantic intimacy as well as about your physical, mental and emotional health.  One may view me as a  “jack of all trades” in that I speak about so many topics.  But the principles that underlie all of my subject matter are within my area of expertise.  The principles that are born of Oriental Medicine are also the essential philosophies behind Oriental history, culture, religion, government and business. The principles are the constant and I look forward to teaching you how to incorporate them into deeper relationships, more passionate sexuality and increasing vital energy.