In 1980, a profound lecture took place at the national meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex.  Drs Perry and Whipple told attendees important information that most women and doctors still do not know enough about.  While they acknowledge that one form of female orgasm is “vulvular” originating from the clitoris, there is another area from which orgasms, multiple orgasms in fact, stem.  I paraphrase from their book, The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries about Human Sexuality

There is an area inside the vagina that is extremely sensitive to deep pressure.  It lies in the anterior wall (front or belly facing wall) of the vagina about two inches from the entrance, and has been found in every woman they had examined. When properly stimulated, the Graphenberg spot swells and leads to orgasm in many women.  At the moment of orgasm, many women ejaculate a liquid through the urethra that is chemically similar to male ejaculate but contains no sperm.  As a result of stimulation of the G spot, women often have a series of orgasms.  

Diaphragms can inhibit stimulation of this area for many women as can weak musculature specifically of the PC, or pubococcygeus muscle.  This is the muscle that helps you stop urinating mid stream.  It is strengthened by Kegel exercises which are done by pretending that you are trying to stop your flow of urine while standing in bank lines, at red lights and over brunch at fancy buffets. 

The data so profoundly affecting the physicians at that conference twenty years ago had been well understood by my professional ancestors, the physicians of ancient China, for thousands of years.  According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) there are different levels of orgasm for women, levels which include the entire genital system with the upper levels being the most intense.  How intense?  Well, Freud’s head would have spun around so far he would have needed a chiropractor.  What we know as the typical clitorally-based orgasm is considered level 4.  To get to the whole shebang, level 9, the vaginal based response is involved.  And what is interesting about the process of a woman moving from level one to level nine, is that she stops feeling sexual and becomes the feelings themselves.  She looses her awareness of personal identity and becomes immersed in the being of loving.  So orgasm not only means that she squirts like an elementary school drinking fountain, it also means she starts to think like one.  And drinking fountains don’t think.  That is the whole point.

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