Using career skills for a happy home life~

Are you proficient in accomplishing your work related tasks? Most of us must be highly skilled in the work arena to be successful. In fact, continuing to hold a job or run a business is dependent entirely on continually proving your value to your employer or the marketplace. This requires monitoring and updating your skill sets and goals on a regular basis as well as adapting to changes in your environment.

A happy marriage and home life are challenging to achieve and maintain. Divorce and stress statistics show us that most people are not successful. To attain your goals of a balanced and healthy life consider the strategies you already use to generate success at work and adapt them. Implementing the protocols of one will enhance the other.

You have expertise for personal and marital success that you are not aware of because they are utilized in the work related domain only.

Learn how to utilize business plans, mission and vision statements to strengthen your relationship at home in
Using Work skills for a happy home life Part II

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