The holiday seasons is usually a time when health and sex fly out the window, and these are among my favorite topics, so I want you to be able to enjoy an abundance of both of them during the holidays. If we were going to make this holiday season different, if we are going to make it exceptional by giving you more vitality and more energy, by making joy easier to come by, and by enlivening your intimate and romantic life – what would we do?  We need to look at strategies for staying healthy and for monitoring your stress level. 

In terms of your health and vitality, we know a lot about how stress really accentuates the possibility for illness.  An interesting study was done by the television show “NBC Dateline” and Prevention magazine, in which 41% of the people interviewed said the holidays were as stressful as a job interview, i.e., very stressful.  What’s interesting about that is we don’t really think about our stress levels accentuating during the holidays because it’s just par for the course. But the truth is we often do experience accelerated stress levels which has a substantial effect on our bodies.

Dr. Simon Rego at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has written extensively on the effect of stress and disease, and there are other physicians who have written on this.  It has really become a prominent topic in the medical lexicon.  There is a direct correlation, so if we’re going to stay healthy it’s because we’re going to lower our stress levels and monitor ourselves just a little bit. There are small, specific steps that can be taken that will have  tremendous effect on immune system, sex drive, and vitality.

Coming up in Healthy Body During the Holidays Part 2, we will explore how stress specifically affects health and sexual vitality, and what small steps you can take to improve vitality, energy, and stamina during the stressful holiday season!

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