What does acupuncture feel like?

It depends. This medical skill evolved all over Asia so there were many techniques devised. Some generate a great deal of sensation, others cannot be felt at all and several range in between. In the Americas, parts of Asia and Europe, most acupuncturists use techniques that generate little to no sensation. Once acupuncture needles are in place, the patient rests comfortably as the needles are generally not felt once in place. An acupuncturist may either continue to interact with a patient or leave the treatment room while the patient enjoys the calming and relaxing experience privately. Some practitioners make pleasant music available for patients during this period.

Acupuncture can feel wonderful! The process stimulates endorphins, internal morphine-like substances that create a calming and pleasurable state. Many patients fall asleep, have delicious daydreams or feel deeply relaxed as a result of treatment. Pain and anxiety dissipate leaving one feeling calm yet energized.

A teenage patient recently told Dr. Dunas that he no longer felt cravings to ingest the illegal drugs so prevalent in his high school. “I get off on the ‘high’ of acupuncture treatments so I just don’t need drugs to feel great,” he reported. Many patients look forward to the deep relaxation experienced during acupuncture treatments.

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