Up until the turn of this century many parents in china chose spouses for their infant children. They used physiognomy, facial feature reading, to determine many personality characteristics yet undeveloped. This is how future compatibility was assessed between the toddling bride and groom to be. Genital size and shape were also features read on the face. If their cooing children were not going to be a good fit, all the money in the world would not convince parents to push ahead with the match. Sexual compatibility was paramount. Without a glorious sex life between spouses, the marriage would not be strong. If the marriage were not strong, the family would weaken. Weak families made for ineffectual communities and how could any culture survive its enemies if all within was not steadfast. Good sex was a primary cause for social stability, while lousy sex brought violence and unrest in society as a whole.

Amazingly enough, our culture doesn’t acknowledge the need to cultivate a great sex life. Gourmet erotic adventures are supposed to happen automatically, delivered up hot, like pizza. We put sixty-plus hours a week into starting our own businesses or 40-plus hours into other peoples’ businesses. Researchers tell us that Americans make love for less than an hour a week over the course of a lifetime. This means it gets less time than you put into sitting on the toilet.

Nor are we trained with the skills to make it worth doing. Sex education is usually about the physiology of conception. You get to learn about this intimate subject with all the other 6th graders in your class. But then your friend’s girl friend is pregnant and you get to hear how he made that happen. Now that is quality education!

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