Eating Your Way to Sexual Health

Want to eat your way to sexual health? Traditional Oriental medicine has some general suggestions. Eat the foods below regularly, though not necessarily every day. Gradually, they will strengthen your sexual vitality and help maintain it for years to come. • Foods...

The Perfect Date For Sex and Healing

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and . . . zzzz. I don’t know who invented the romantic ideal of wining and dining followed by passionate lovemaking, but whoever it was did not understand the human body and probably had mediocre sex. To feel desire and make love well,...

A Reminder~ The Power of Great Sex

Many couples notice that it takes a vacation away from daily stresses to relax the body, free the mind, and rediscover sexual desire. That’s because erotic love naturally blends together with physical and mental healing. When you recover from an illness or climb out...
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