Sex for Sale~ Part II

Up until the turn of this century many parents in china chose spouses for their infant children. They used physiognomy, facial feature reading, to determine many personality characteristics yet undeveloped. This is how future compatibility was assessed between the toddling bride and groom to be. Genital size and shape were also features read on the face. If their cooing children were not going to be a good fit, all the money in the world would not convince parents to push ahead with the match. Sexual compatibility was paramount. Without a glorious sex life between spouses, the marriage would not be strong. If the marriage were not strong, the family would weaken. Weak families made for ineffectual communities and how could any culture survive its enemies if all within was not steadfast. Good sex was a primary cause for social stability, while lousy sex brought violence and unrest in society as a whole. Read more

SEX FOR SALE~ Great sex may be expensive but bad sex costs even more

I am trying to sell you your own sex life. Please buy it. 

If people FULLY recognized the value of making love, the divorce rate in
this country would be cut in half. Childhood would be happier because
the erotic passion between spouses would take the strain of marital
conflict off kids. Adulthood would be cause for rejoicing because every
year could be viewed as an opportunity to create more affection and
closeness. Read more

How To Create Multiple Orgasms in Women!

When you create orgasms in women, you support the up lifting of consciousness that is part of the body’s delight.  Multiple orgasmic response is a gift available to women by nature and validated by research.  My professional ancestors conducted their research in a manner similar to researchers today.  They watched.  Scientists in this new millennium spend more time watching dials, monitors and electrode signals attached to various body parts than did physicians of ancient China who got to sit behind gauze curtains taking in the real thing.  But the uniting goal was the discovery of the body’s true potential.  Read more

Ode to Multiple Orgasms Part Four


In 1980, a profound lecture took place at the national meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex.  Drs Perry and Whipple told attendees important information that most women and doctors still do not know enough about.  While they acknowledge that one form of female orgasm is “vulvular” originating from the clitoris, there is another area from which orgasms, multiple orgasms in fact, stem.  I paraphrase from their book, The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries about Human Sexuality Read more


Noble scientists have been determined to get the answers behind femininity’s mysterious nature.  We should exalt these brave souls at the next Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.  Having fought society’s rigidity, and the closed-mindedness of their medical colleagues, they have forged ahead to figure out that magical mystery hole. Female sexual response is not the subject of congressional or media debate but progress is being made and we can credit that progress with changing women’s health, relationships and sexual pleasure levels around the country.  Unfortunately, unless you make a point of expanding your knowledge base it is not likely that anyone will tell you everything you need to know.  Though the information is there, few are aware of it and even most gynecologists do not keep up with it.  Read more

Ode To Multiple Orgasms… Part One

Or a girl can have fun fun fun even if her daddy takes her T-bird away

What resembles molten lava sensually gushing from a volcanic crater, a steaming geyser forcing water out from the earth’s very heart, and the wild scent of a tropical rain forest after a cleansing downpour? It could only be a woman in the throes of a multi-orgasmic experience.  Read more

Male and Female Differences and Strengths- The Yin Yang Perspective

The most fundamental essential philosophies behind Oriental history, culture, religion, government and business is Yin Yang theory.  This is one of the oldest cosmologies in all of human thinking.  People have been using this understanding of life for over 5000 years.  We don’t know its true historical timeline as  archeological evidence can document only around 5000 years at present.  Yin Yang theory works with the premise that all of life stems from a point of perfect balance.  Read more

Living A Deeper Life

As you may know from having looked at my material before, my goal is to help you live a richer, kinder and more skillful life.  I want you to feel greater love, more vitality and deeper passion.  I hope that by engaging with what I teach,  you will discover new facts and insights that make being you an increasingly valuable person to be in every respect.  I do this by teaching you the principles I have been trained.  I hope they can help you, as they have helped millions of others over the past several thousand years.  Read more

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